Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday-intro to CTMH

♥ So I thought I'd share some layouts of the hubs and I ♥
I want to say it was around 2006 and it was my first time using CTMH paper and stamps.
My sister and I were diehard Creative Memory users when we first started scrapbooking.
One day my sister met a CTMH consultant at work who shared a catalog with us.
We were skeptical but intrigued and no way were we going to get into stamping!
Well we had a home party and the rest is history.
We love CTMH.
I love paisley!
 I look at it this way...just like makeup and have to try all kinds to see what you like the best.   There is so much scrapbooking stuff out there..I can't find enough or buy enough! LOL
I love flowers too!

I remember cutting out these letters and saying "oh hell no"!


  1. I remember that day we had the party, we all were like no way, especially Corrina and then she became a consultant for a second.
    Both LO's and this post is great!


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