Tuesday, March 29, 2011

better late than never miscellany monday!

So I really love the idea of miscellany monday and am trying my darnedest (is that a word; didn't want to swear) to remember to post on time. I will make this quick!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I wish I could wear jeans to work. It would make my day start so off much better. For some reason, its always easier to find something to wear with a good pair of jeans..even my shoes look better with jeans. With jeans I don't stare at the closet for a half an hour hoping something will change miraculously!  NO...with jeans it seems to work out just right.

Today Lover Unleashed by the fantastic JR Ward comes out! This is my favorite paranormal series; the characters are just so delicious.  Just purchased it on my Nook from Barnes and Noble......Yes I'm looking forward to sitting down to some badass Vamp romance.  I recommend this series to all!

9th in the series-Can't wait to start it.
Do you cut coupons? have a Kroger card? I'm not a fanatic but I try to save when I can. Check out http://www.shortcuts.com/. Once you sign up, you can load coupons onto your card and save at the register. Even if you have a paper coupon of the same item, the electronic coupon applies too. Double the savings! 

I think thats it for me...need to catch up on my DVR backlog. 4 weeks of Kourtney & Kim Take New York ..don't laugh...they crack me up! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~A Scraptastic Weekend~

So last weekend my sister and I made our way out to Camp CoBeAc in beautiful Houghton Lake Michigan for a long relaxing weekend of scrapbooking...This was our first time to a Scraptastic event. It was nicely done though I will say the cabins were pretty rustic! I was shocked at first but it was fine; we were very comfortable and would consider going back. Its in a prime location-there is a McD's on the corner and a fabulous craft store called Arnie's on the opposite corner. I was lucky enough to win the door prize, a $50 gift cerificate to Arnies, so of course we went shopping first thing Saturday morning!     
I only completed 6 pages but was able to finish up a few others I had previously started so I feel good about what I accomplished. My problem is I spend a lot ot time staring at my pics and reminiscing...then I stare at my page for an hour trying to set up my layout. My sister is much more productive than me; she gets in a zone and blows through her pages. I am envious...but I guess thats why we're all different!
The theme of our weekend was "BLING" so I used lots of glitter and sparkle embellishments. I really like how the pages turned out. I used stickles for the first time...AWESOME..I am happy with the results.  

These layouts are of my niece Shelby at her 17th birthday party. 
I won a Girly stamp set at the crop too and was able to use them on this layout.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog Candy!

I just won my first blog candy! Woohoo so fun! I happened to be checking out one of my favorite blogs by Laura @ The Stampin' Soldier earlier this week and entered. Being new to blogging, I had no idea about blog candy so I entered. Not sure what I've won but it doesn't matter; now I'm a winner and tickled to death about it. You should also check out her Etsy Store. She does great work. Her cards are beautiful and fun!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday-intro to CTMH

♥ So I thought I'd share some layouts of the hubs and I ♥
I want to say it was around 2006 and it was my first time using CTMH paper and stamps.
My sister and I were diehard Creative Memory users when we first started scrapbooking.
One day my sister met a CTMH consultant at work who shared a catalog with us.
We were skeptical but intrigued and no way were we going to get into stamping!
Well we had a home party and the rest is history.
We love CTMH.
I love paisley!
 I look at it this way...just like makeup and clothing...you have to try all kinds to see what you like the best.   There is so much scrapbooking stuff out there..I can't find enough or buy enough! LOL
I love flowers too!

I remember cutting out these letters and saying "oh hell no"!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My first blog hop! card making....

I just entered my first blog hop and it was so fun! I've never been to one and was expecting to see some scrapbook layouts but it was all cards. I don't have any experience with card making but have seriously been contemplating it for the last month or so. I was floored at the detail and effort that I saw. So fun and pretty and beautiful. Such creativity!! I have scrapbooked for years and cards were never something I aspired to do but after jumping from site to site and seeing all the cool ideas out there...I am feeling quite inspired. I have all the supplies for the most part so that will make it easier to get started. And how nice it would be to have a card on hand for any occasion that might arise?? 
All the ladies in the blog hop did fantastic work..You should check it out! The blog hop goes till Friday midnight. Check it out here courtesy of Your Next Stamp.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday....

So this Flashback Friday goes back to when I first started scrapbooking. Everything was very basic...the colors, the shapes and look at all the white backgrounds...can you say boring! My style now is totally different...not so much basic as simple with lots of color & pop.
I've thought about re-doing the pages but there are 
so many more pictures and albums to do....
I think I'll just keep them as they are and enjoy what used to be.    
I remember thinking long and hard about how to place the pics......very creative..LOL. 

I was big on adding borders to the sides!.............of every page!

No mats at all...I mat almost everything now!  

!!!!Cracks me up!!!!

In September, Croppin' Chicks hosted a Scrapbook Getaway weekend in upper Michigan. My sister and I got in plenty of scrapping as well ...