Thursday, March 10, 2011

My first blog hop! card making....

I just entered my first blog hop and it was so fun! I've never been to one and was expecting to see some scrapbook layouts but it was all cards. I don't have any experience with card making but have seriously been contemplating it for the last month or so. I was floored at the detail and effort that I saw. So fun and pretty and beautiful. Such creativity!! I have scrapbooked for years and cards were never something I aspired to do but after jumping from site to site and seeing all the cool ideas out there...I am feeling quite inspired. I have all the supplies for the most part so that will make it easier to get started. And how nice it would be to have a card on hand for any occasion that might arise?? 
All the ladies in the blog hop did fantastic work..You should check it out! The blog hop goes till Friday midnight. Check it out here courtesy of Your Next Stamp.

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