Saturday, April 23, 2011

Justin Bieber - That Should Be Me ft. Rascal Flatts

So I'm up early this morning making Easter cards and scrapping a bit. This is what
I'm listening to. Honestly I would have never have thought I would be a Justin Beiber
fan but since its with Rascal Flatts.....great mix.

Friday, April 15, 2011

~Flashback Friday~Rick Springfield Cruise

So this Flashback Friday is a few layouts of my cruise in 2008.
My best friend Corrina received 2 cruise tickets to
"Rockin' the High Seas with Rick Springfield"
for her birthday and I was lucky enough to go!
I love 80's music but didn't realize what a fan I was of Rick Springfield till the cruise. I mean who doesn't love to sing along to Jessie's Girl. He has a huge following..Who knew? 
OMG he rocks! We rocked. It was a blast. 
  It was crazy fun..... 

Miami skyline...
Carnival Cruise Ship "Destiny"

First stop South Beach...

2nd stop ... KeyWest...oh yes..cocktail anyone? Not enough time there..
thats ok I made it  back but thats another Flashback 


3rd stop Cozumel..there was a concert there and everynight on the ship.
I will be posting those layouts soon. 

He literally hung out with everyone the whole time...He was getting a bit tipsy here..
He's quite the fan of wine we all found out!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Good Morning~ coffee, chat & scrap

I got up extra early this morning, on my 3rd cup of coffee and not particularly excited to be going to work today so here I am..........
Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone has been leaving! I'm having a blast checking out all the blogs I am now following. Everyone has their own unique spin on scrapbooking or crafting in general...not to mention the photography and writing. I love reading it all! I hope you're all enjoying my blog too.
Keep the comments coming!

SWEET!!I found a fun giveaway on DL.ART. Check it out here! Its her 300th Follower Give Away!

Ok its time for me to get busy! I have to get my layouts prepared for the Friday Flashback that my sister @ LoveLeighScraps hosts each Friday. Its great to bring out some of the old layouts you loved and/or don't get to see anymore. Its also fun to just show off some of the your work and appreciate the memory. I crack up looking at how I used to scrapbook compared to now.
Gotta go...have a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

~Sunday Brunch w/the Girls~

Ok..I have been on blogger all morning. Already missed the planned grocery shopping and breakfast so now I have to get ready for lunch with my sisters. We haven't gotten together in sometime so I'm really looking forward to it...may even have a cocktail or 2.

Its supposed to be 75 or higher here today and that is really bizarre since we just had 30 degree temps last week. Crazy but makes me want want to get into "Springtime" mode. Our cherry tree is budding. Its beautiful even when the leaves fall...The pink flowers blanket the grass like little pink clouds...

Link Up Party~

Good morning bloggers! I'm on my 3rd cup of joe and finally back online. Most of you probably don't know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (known as RA) which is why I don't get to post as much as I'd like to. This past month has been quite exhausting and hard as it mostly affects my hands and wrists. I'm feeling pretty good today so that being said I am about to do some catching up....on blogging and scrapbooking!
I found this awesome idea put out there by Kristal @ GettingCricky. Its a Link Up Party. Her site is absolutely adorable and cute. I have to admit that I checked it out many times this morning. I have a cricut which I don't get enough use of.  That will no longer be an excuse. I have found idea after inspiring idea from cricut users that have linked up through her link party. Isn't that just a fab idea??? I'm doing my best to get to everyone today...this may take some time! So I hope you will link up and check out some of my layouts. Comments much appreciated. Enjoy!
1. Follow everyone's blog in the Linky Tool
2. Leave a comment
3. Add the link below to your blog post
4. Get ready for lots of new blog friends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

better late than never miscellany monday!

So I really love the idea of miscellany monday and am trying my darnedest (is that a word; didn't want to swear) to remember to post on time. I will make this quick!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I wish I could wear jeans to work. It would make my day start so off much better. For some reason, its always easier to find something to wear with a good pair of jeans..even my shoes look better with jeans. With jeans I don't stare at the closet for a half an hour hoping something will change miraculously!  NO...with jeans it seems to work out just right.

Today Lover Unleashed by the fantastic JR Ward comes out! This is my favorite paranormal series; the characters are just so delicious.  Just purchased it on my Nook from Barnes and Noble......Yes I'm looking forward to sitting down to some badass Vamp romance.  I recommend this series to all!

9th in the series-Can't wait to start it.
Do you cut coupons? have a Kroger card? I'm not a fanatic but I try to save when I can. Check out Once you sign up, you can load coupons onto your card and save at the register. Even if you have a paper coupon of the same item, the electronic coupon applies too. Double the savings! 

I think thats it for me...need to catch up on my DVR backlog. 4 weeks of Kourtney & Kim Take New York ..don't laugh...they crack me up! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~A Scraptastic Weekend~

So last weekend my sister and I made our way out to Camp CoBeAc in beautiful Houghton Lake Michigan for a long relaxing weekend of scrapbooking...This was our first time to a Scraptastic event. It was nicely done though I will say the cabins were pretty rustic! I was shocked at first but it was fine; we were very comfortable and would consider going back. Its in a prime location-there is a McD's on the corner and a fabulous craft store called Arnie's on the opposite corner. I was lucky enough to win the door prize, a $50 gift cerificate to Arnies, so of course we went shopping first thing Saturday morning!     
I only completed 6 pages but was able to finish up a few others I had previously started so I feel good about what I accomplished. My problem is I spend a lot ot time staring at my pics and reminiscing...then I stare at my page for an hour trying to set up my layout. My sister is much more productive than me; she gets in a zone and blows through her pages. I am envious...but I guess thats why we're all different!
The theme of our weekend was "BLING" so I used lots of glitter and sparkle embellishments. I really like how the pages turned out. I used stickles for the first time...AWESOME..I am happy with the results.  

These layouts are of my niece Shelby at her 17th birthday party. 
I won a Girly stamp set at the crop too and was able to use them on this layout.
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