Monday, February 21, 2011

my short & sweet miscellany monday......

1.This will be a quick one as I am super tired and have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Another day another dollar as they say☺

2. SNOW GO AWAY....51 degrees on Friday...Woke up Monday to 11 inches of snow...UGH!! Regretfully I have no pictures of this.

3. Do you still love the 80's? I'm still lovin' some Rick Springfield! Rocked his cruise in 2008. AWESOME!!

Arrived in Miami

Walked along South Beach

Spent the day in Key West...great place! 

Then partied in Cozumel w/Rick!.. 
4. No American Pickers tonight....what a bummer! Did you see the last episode when they decorated William Shatner's new home?? They did a fantastic job.

5. I hope you've enjoyed this post and have a wonderful week!


  1. very nice and clean pages I like it!!! :)

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