Friday, February 11, 2011

~Flashback Friday~

So as I'm sitting here drinking a glass of Blackberry Merlot...I'm trying to figure out what I should post this Flashback Friday.....hmmmm...Well these 2 layouts happened to jump out at me!

They are of my 2 favorite subjects-AJ & Lucas; my nephews. They take the best pictures. On the first layout I tried new techniques for the first time. I used the CropADile and started inking. Both were a nice touch. Inking is awesome and makes pages and pics pop.    

This is AJ. He's 8 yrs old now but I believe he was 6 at the time of these pics. We were at a relatives graduation party and he was ecstatic to be in the pool. Love water pictures.

Lucas was 5 in this picture and he loved his Curious George; wouldn't go anywhere without him.I love
how he's holding George and the way his hand is splayed.  


  1. Those are both great LO's. Lucas was 3 there, he hasn't carried the C. George around in over a year but if we are out of town, camping, or wherever he always packs him.

    LO of AJ is sweet, good color combo.

  2. I havent quite figured out how to take good layout pics. The lighting is an issue for me..I also need a stand like you have..clever!


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