Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's your favorite glass of wine???

Wine has become a new passion for me and I'm thinking about how to scrapbook it...

I always thought I was a beer drinker...don't get me wrong..I still like them on a hot summer day but I've found I really like a good glass of wine! I thought I preferred white wine..Barefoot White Zin or Santa Marguerita Pinot Grigio but I'm leaning lately towards the reds..I absolutely love Madria Sangria! Lightly sweet but not dry...and believe it not.....el cheapo Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot was my vino of choice during the holidays. Again...not too sweet just right. Most of my friends seem to prefer a moscato preferably Barefoot but I find it way too sweet...too much like drinking Koolaid. LOL. What do you like? Nothing like a good glass of wine to chill you after a long day at work or with dinner or just hanging w/friends. Love to try something new.........


  1. I bought Blackberry Mogen David the other day. Uncle David had spoke of it, and how he could see Grandma sippin' on some. I saw it for the first time and bought some, tried it and well its super sweet. It has on the label of things to mix w/ it. 7up, tea, lemonade....I've tried w/ the 7up much better. I think w/ lemonade will be good too, but then it seems like a summery drink. Love the wine these days too, and love what you said el

  2. lol..I just bought wild vines blackberry merlot..$3.49 really? I'll keep you posted!


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